Heartworm Prevention Policy

Heartworms are parasites that inhabit the heart and lungs of infected dogs. Heartworm disease can cause serious health problems, and may eventually lead to heart failure and death. Heartworm infection is transmitted by mosquitoes. The prevalence of this deadly disease has increased steadily since it was first identified and now affects pets in all 50 states.

It is our goal at 4 Paws Pet Clinic to have all of our patients on some form of heartworm prevention. We carry a variety of products to protect your pet from this deadly disease.

In order to keep your dog safe and healthy these products must be administered every month, as any lapse in treatment can put your dog at risk for picking up heartworms.

There also is a serious risk of illness and death if heartworm prevention is given to a pet that is positive for heartworm disease. Because of these risks and our concern for our patients we have certain guidelines for the dispensing as well as the writing of prescriptions for heartworm prevention.